I am Runner

Ok, so a week has gone. I’ve started running a bit, the 10k on Monday and a cheeky 6k on Wednesday, but more importantly I’m beginning to feel like a runner. I can’t quite explain what that means but I definitely think about running in a different way.

This isn’t just something that has happened to me unconsciously, even though that would be a great thing to say for NLP. If it was that easy to just think of something for a couple of days, and all of a sudden everything about you had changed forever, then there would be no need for people to ever take recreational drugs in the world. Instead I have had to use a few NLP techniques to change the way that I think. I have used submodality shifts largely, but also I have visualised how good the feeling will be once I have finished the run as well.

I suppose you don’t need to dress it up in this type of language at all though, the key is to concentrate on the positive parts of a run, especially a long run. There are definitely some great parts of a run; like the time to have by yourself to think, to look at the landscape, and to meditate, in a way.

Tonight I am staying in the New Forest, a lovely part of the country, and although I have stayed here so many times in the past, I now see the opportunity as a runner. Tomorrow I’m going to look forward to a nice long run, at least for me. The target is 14km, and it will be through the gorse and New Forest Ponies, and I can’t wait. I don’t care how long it takes me, it’s just about being out there, at one with the elements.

This is as disappointing to write, as I’m sure it is as disappointing to read, but this is the change in me that I’m talking about. It’s not comfortable but it’s definitely good. And if I’m going to run a marathon in a few months then I need to get used to it. Cosmic.

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