Keys to an Achievable Outcome

All successful people know that the trick to getting what you want, is to know what you want in the first place. I don’t suppose this is rocket science, but speaking from personal experience, there was a time when all I knew for sure was what I didn’t want. When you think about it, how on earth will this ever get you to a better place? When you then accompany this with a bit of knowledge about how the mind works, and specifically the nugget which states that the unconscious mind does not process negatives, all you’re doing when you’re thinking about what you don’t want is giving yourself more of it in your life.

A few years ago there was a study carried out, analysing 30,000 ex-Harvard Business School students and what they had all achieved after leaving. They had all gone to Harvard so the average ex-student was pretty successful, but there was an incredible phenomenon that was observed. The top 2% of the population had been incredibly more successful than the rest. We’re talking premier league earners, with beautiful families, great careers, philanthropists in their community. The type of people that most others look at in disbelief, and write their success off to being born into it, or having a lucky break, or something else which helps us feel better about our disappointing lives.

But incredibly, the one thing that they all had in common, was something very simple, yet so powerful. Napoleon Hill wrote Think and Grow Rich over one hundred years ago about it, The Secret enjoyed amazing success recently when retelling the same message. It’s been called the Law of Attraction. It is simply that one must concentrate on what they want to achieve in order to achieve it. A slight subtext to this would be that you also need to frame how you think about it in the right way (which I will explain below) and you must also invest energy into achieving it. Unfortunately just thinking about something continuously and not doing anything about it will just get you a headache.

These guys from Harvard all had a clearly written goal, that they read every day, and they updated it when they began to achieve what was on it, to keep it fresh. There are a number of things to bear in mind when writing these goals.

1. Always state your goals in the Positive
2. Set the outcome in the present tense, as if now, and make sure that you can see yourself in the picture.
3. Look back from then to your present situation, explaining where you are now.
4. Build in some clear indicators of success so that you will know when you achieve it.
5. Ensure that what you want is aligned to other things you may want. (no good wanting to be a Tibetan monk and a happy family man at the same time)
6. Make sure that you are only depending on yourself to achieve it. You can’t control others, even if that would make things easier sometimes.
7. Include all the details about where, when, how and with who do you want it.
8. What resources are needed in order to achieve your goal. You won’t be a spaceman by just wanting it to be, you’ll probably have to train with NASA for ten years and learn to like Pot Noodles.
9. Lastly, make sure that it fits with the rest of your world and won’t diminish other aspects of your life.

Finally, did you know that the unconscious mind cannot tell the difference between reality and a visualised imagination of reality. This is why, when you close your eyes and pretend that your eating something that you don’t like, you begin to experience the kinds of sensations that you connect with it. So, it stands to reason, therefore, that to build a strong visualisation of the perfect you in the future, with all of those emotions being brought into NOW must be a good thing. This is where working with an NLP Coach can make all of the difference. By using certain NLP techniques you will be able to make that image so compelling that you can taste it. Then just follow the rules, keep reinforcing them so that you wear in a new groove in your neurology, do something towards your goal every day, and bob’s your uncle…

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