Marathon Update

Local press reports are claiming that Forrest Gump has been seen running across the Isle of Wight, but please do not be starstruck, or indeed go up to the man and ask for shrimps. It is in fact yours truly, sticking to the merciless training regime.

I believe that if I follow the plan then I will be ready for the main event, and I assume that someone that has at least run one more marathon than me, has written it. So, the plan dictates that I run every other night, and a cheeky one on a Saturday, before an epic run on a Sunday.

These epic runs started with a 9 miler, but I have now just run a 13 miler, that’s a half marathon to anyone that can’t do the maths, and I can now explain certain physical side effects ro running this far. I have stretched for England before and after each journey, but still every muscle in my legs ache continually. I have suffered my first bit of real chafing and have had to deploy nappy cream to treat the symptoms, since then I have used an abundance of Vaseline to… smooth the wheels, as it were. I have a bruised toe bone in my right foot, and finally, my neck hurts because I think it’s too rigid when I run, when I try and loosen it I resemble a top-heavy giraffe that can’t control his neck, and this in turn puts my direction off which results in me careering in to hedges. As you can see, it’s not a bed of roses.

However, here are some of the benefits that I’ve noticed. I’m definitely feeling fitter, less out of breath when I walk up a flight of stairs etc. I also enjoy the actual running part of it; this calm, meditative state where you get into a zone and begin to empty your mind of some of the usual noise that competes for space. But the best, and easily the biggest motivation so far, is the amount of money that I am raising for the charity Epilepsy Action. So far, I have reached £1,100 and I have only just begun. The amount of good that this will do for others is fantastic, so I now have no choice at all.

Of course this type of process is perfectly natural, and any time that anybody ever attempts something different, and goes out of their comfort zone, they will experience highs and lows, as they continually expand their world. But what is it that defines people who succeed over people that don’t? Successful people continue towards their goal, focussing on the goal, and not the chafing and the sore toe. It would be very easy to concentrate on all the wrong things, but what good would that do me or other people that I’m going to be helping indirectly… Exactly.

So, the update is that I have a clearly defined goal, I know the steps I need to take to achieve that goal, and I’m following them.

If you would like to sponsor me, then please follow this link …

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