The Illusion of Time

Why is it that some people seem to enjoy copious amounts of time, whilst others always look as though they are continually pushing water up hill? You know what I mean, don’t you? We can all think of particular people that are continually late by five or ten minutes. Those that look like they’ve just been dragged through a hedge backwards, puffing and panting when they walk into a room. Regardless of the impact that this first impression often has on strangers, it’s no good for the person themselves. Would you rather be this person, or an elegant, successful looking person that breezes into rooms nonchalantly, and more importantly, looking as though they are in complete control of their lives.

As the Buddhist principle states, everyone has the same number of problems. Okay, these problems are definitely relative to the individual, so let’s not start judging other people’s problems from the outside, but to the individual we have an equal number of challenges in life. Everyone also gets 24 hours in every day, 7 days in every week and so on, but why is it some people manage to achieve an extraordinary amount in that time and other’s don’t. This is the Illusion of Time.

There are some ‘way out there’ theories of quantum physics which touch on the elasticity of time, and the idea that time can bend to provide the necessary outcome for the demands placed on it. But ignoring this, there is a simple phrase which explains all of this, it’s always simple, isn’t it? You’ve heard the phrase before… Time Management.

Although this sounds extremely corporate, it really doesn’t need to be. Since I left my corporate career, I have drifted into a more laissez faire attitude with regards to organising myself. I had succumbed to the vision I had of myself as a relaxed, laid back type of guy, but had omitted to keep the groundwork going. As Michael Caine once said in an interview, when asked for a piece of advice that you could give to someone starting out, he replied, “Live like a swan, elegant, and graceful on the surface, but paddle like hell underneath.”

This is the secret. People don’t appear to be in control by hoping that everything will be in control. They are genuinely on top of things, they think ahead, they plan for things, they work out their intention and desired outcomes before they get into a situation. These people achieve more because they are not wasting energy trying to continually catch up. They are in control of their lives and therefore can get their lives to work for them. They are at cause, and therefore have more choice, more freedom and more abundance in the areas they wish.

Here are some steps to getting yourself organised, and getting on the front foot in your life:

– Make a list of all the things you have to do – a To Do List – refer to it daily.
– Get an appointment calendar. Put all your appointments on it – refer to it daily. Plan your time. Stick to it.
– Clean up your house, and your office.
– Clean up your car – inside and out. Get it serviced.
– Throw away everything you don’t use, haven’t used in 6 months, or which is outdated.
– Organise all your papers.
– Get your cheque book balanced. Get all financial statements up to date. Keep them up to date.
– Make a list of all the things that you have started but not completed. Complete the list, or cross it off and decide not to do it.
– Take total responsibility for your business/career. Do only what you can, delegate the rest. Agree only to what you know you can fulfill. Never commit to more than you know you can do.
– Take care of your physical body – eat well, exercise well, sleep well etc.

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