The Mind/Body Connection

The mind/body connection used to be something that you would only hear about in films. A crazy phenomenon that was dreamt up by stoners in San Francisco at the end of the hippy culture. But the more that I read about the fascinating discoveries that are beginning to be scientifically evidenced, the more I am convinced that there is no such thing as coincidence.

If you ever want to read more about some of the mind-blowing work that has been going on in this area, read Quantum Healing by Deepak Chopra. But today I have heard of some staggering results that a colleague of mine has had with one of his clients.

His client has had leukemia for the past seven years and it has gone in and out of remission four times in those years, and he has also had a tumour develop in his left shoulder in November and given eighteen months to live by his doctor. My colleague worked on a limiting decision that his client had made up all by himself seven years ago, after seeing a councillor believe it or not, he had decided to be ill.

Immediately after removing this limiting decision, the client noticed a warm sensation in his left shoulder. Yesterday he had some test results back from the doctor, wait for it… the doctor was completely baffled that the leukemia had gone in to complete remission, and there was no sign of any tumour in his left shoulder apart from some slight scar tissue where it once was.

This was achieved by the client just thinking differently. He convinced himself that he was ill, so his body responded, he then changed what he believed, and again his body responded.

What are the limits to this type of knowledge? What is the size of the power that we all hold in our minds if only we know how to harness it?

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