The Problem with Diets

The diet industry is a multi-million dollar fiddle, that plays on the insecurities of people that are desperate to lose weight. The way to lose weight is obvious; eat less and exercise more. The diet industry therefore works on selling a person the dream of being able to eat the same as what they currently eat, but by using calory control it has less effect on weight gain.

The obvious flaw with this, is that food that is not so good for us is tempting because it has those calories. So while the temptation is still there, the dieter has to consciously force themselves to maintain the diet. This is either sustainable due to the dieter’s iron will, or more likely it will get short-term results but gradually the discipline will wane as they move further away from their motivation to lose weight.

The focus in most people’s minds when trying to lose weight is the thought of not wanting to be fat. So, it makes sense to understand that the more successful they are in moving away from the image they have in their mind, the less motivation there is to keep going. In this instance, the person will then put the weight back on again, until they reach the original weight and then they will have sufficient motivation to begin dieting again.

The cycle goes on and on, and the self-fulfilling industry thrives. But, wouldn’t it be better to aim towards an image of how you want to look, and then when you reach that target, your motivation is geared towards keeping that image?

By using NLP techniques, a client can understand what behaviours they are currently exhibiting which are causing the weight to be put on; and then by releasing any negative emotions and limiting beliefs that the client has, they can make positive, and more importantly, sustainable changes to their life in order for them to achieve their goal. The best bit comes later though. Anyone can lose weight in the short-term, but the longer term life change, the promised land for most serial dieters, is achievable because the motivation does not reduce with the more pounds that come off. A perfect self-image is completely believed by the client, and sometimes the client has to work on how they feel about deserving that perfect self-image as well, and eventually this picture is locked in to their unconscious blueprint for the body. The mind/body connection then does the rest.

Please contact Clear Lantern if you see that this makes sense, and would like help to achieve your perfect self-image.


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