“Whether you say you can, or you can’t… you’re right.”


The quote in the title is Henry T Ford’s second most used quote, and all in all he was pretty successful, so he must know a bit of what he’s talking about.

The whole area of self-talk is well documented, and there are many varying opinions that range from the completely sceptical; ‘it’s not what I say to myself that makes any difference, but what I do that counts,’ to the; ‘I stand in front of the mirror every day for two hours repeating affirmations to myself, I don’t actually have any time to do anything, but I feel great.’ However, extreme you want to get about it, the fact is that it definitely makes a difference when you listen to the most important person in your life… YOU.

Everyone has moments when they talk themselves out of things because it’s slightly scary, or because they’re slightly anxious about it. That is completely natural, and don’t beat yourself up about this, sometimes it is actually your intuition kicking in and telling you that something’s dangerous, and that would be good to listen to. But sometimes this nagging internal voice can stop you from developing for years. It will pull all of those strings that you have because it knows all of those strings that you have; they’re both controlled by you.

I find myself often in awe, and utterly inspired, by people that take on life with supreme positivity and confidence. I think to myself, I’ll have a bit of that positivity in my life, but then the other voice comes up from within that plays Devil’s advocate and reminds me of all of the deluded people that you see in the world, and the vision of a forty-something on X-Factor that sounds like a dying animal, and I stop believing in myself there and then. Easy. You would never do anything if you thought about what could go wrong all of the time, it stands to reason.

Wouldn’t it be better to have a bit more confidence in yourself, so that when the nagging voice rises up, you have the power and internal strength to shout it back down to where it belongs?

If all you ever do is reinforce negative opinions then success will allude you, just as sure as if you were looking for the lost city of Atlantis in the sink. All of the things that you say to yourself appear as though they are your inner most thoughts, but the real sickener is that they’re not. They are all nuggets of wisdom that you have picked up from external influences. It’s your Mum saying something when you were 6 years old, or your Dad when you were at College, or your mate that was in a particularly bad mood that day, or your Mother-in-Law’s look, or your perception of the entire nation’s point of view on a particular subject. None of this is real, by the way. It’s all your distorted memories of past events that your allowing to control your current world.

Another large external influence in the modern day is the global media machine. It’s Rupert Murdoch, it’s the TV, it’s this blog, it’s all going in. Every single, insignificant bit of it. It is common sense to understand that our output is controlled by the inputs that go in. Now if we don’t regulate what we choose to put in, then our whole challenge to succeed is going to be increased. Do you think that the media cares about feeding people with only information that is going to be able to empower them in the future, or do you think that they’re just trying to sell papers, or get more viewers?

How much positive, uplifting, inspirational news is covered in the average daily newspaper? Hardly any, because bad news sells. Misery, tragedy, inconvenience and war are the things that fill our minds. It’s easy to fill papers with stuff because there is so much of it, but I bet there is more good news out there, human nature however prefers to hide it’s lights under bushels. You need to control what you put in, and blank out the news that gets fed to you, and instead pull the news that you want from other sources. Inspirational websites are out there, just look. If during the current time, where newspapers have been proved to have lied to you nearly every week, you do not find the need to ditch newspapers then I don’t know what else your waiting for.

It is so important to focus on what you want, and fill your thoughts with this beautiful image, and make yourself obsessed with getting this goal. You need to think about what you want from your life, it’s not going to just come and find you. The law of attraction is the pithy, cheesy title, but the sentiment is bang on. You must believe in what you want to achieve, and have the confidence to take action to achieve it, and also have the security to silence the insignificant voice of someone else that has gatecrashed your thoughts. You are the only one that can affect what you achieve in the future, and you must take control of what that will be.

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