Necessity is the Mother of Invention

‘Necessity is the Mother of Invention’ – Einstein.

Today, I have found a really useful article explaining the importance of necessity when applied to your wants. In the past I have often considered necessity to almost be negative, as it forces you to do something, but to take control of what you need in your life is where the great power lies. This certainly resonates with my past experiences, and if I was to think of a time when I was completely motivated to achieve, then that moment would also include a large portion of necessity. Most significant items that I have now around me, have come from a strong NEED to possess them.

I guess we see things much simpler when we are kids. Take your mind back to standing in the playground, circa the age of ten. A pile of football stickers are clasped tightly in your clammy hand, and your best friend is thumbing frantically through their bundle, “got, got, got, got, got, got, got, got, got, got, got, got, got, got, need, NEED, NEED!!!!!!’ There was no middle ground back then. You either have it, or you need it. No conditions, no filters, no limiting beliefs, just simplicity.

Enjoy this practical article from a great writer.

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