How to control your weight for the long-term


I offer programs for weight control, and because of this I am very interested in the latest developments and research that is carried out.

It’s not rocket science to understand that it is simply a question of calories in being less than calories out. In other words, eat less and exercise more. I can help people to achieve both of these ideals by helping them to change their behaviours relating to each. If someone wants to lose weight and maintain a lower weight, then guess what, they will have to change their behaviours along the way.

Someone who eats four Happy Meals a day will have to probably stop doing this if they’re serious about losing weight. Likewise if you have someone that hates exercise then there’s a good chance that they won’t be able to stick to their personal trainers plans. Both of these require a change of behaviour, and that’s where I can step in. I have successfully helped many clients to achieve their perfect weight and maintain it, and I work to these simple rules.

Another revelation that I feel that I must announce, and to anyone that is relying on this stuff then listen up… diets do not work. Diet products, diet plans, diet supplements, none of it works in the long term. The diet industry is huge, mainly because it attracts the same customers for years. Don’t you think that’s strange?

If I was a medical doctor and treated someone for a twisted ankle for ten years, the patient should hopefully tell me where to go. But for diets it is not unusual for someone to stick to one type or another forever. Weird.

What I am saying is fact, and the article below is more scientific evidence that it holds true.

Anyone that wants to lose weight please be serious about it, spend a bit of money up front realigning yourself to what you want to achieve, and then live a better life from NOW onwards. Why feel guilty every time you eat? or Beat yourself up because you haven’t run for a week? Come on, sort it out.

Get in touch with clear lantern and get serious about the new you, NOW.

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