We all Like to Be Beside the Seaside

The seaside is better for us, a recent study suggests. Following a presentation to the British Psychological Society it has been reported that people prefer to walk, relax and exercise by the sea. The study surveyed 2,750 people over two years and came to these conclusions after collating the evidence.

There has always been a close connection between the sea and well-being, but the true reason for this has never been understood. The research provides yet more evidence that being near the coast makes people feel better, and this can only add more influence to further studies that can explore the reasons why.

The study examined how different types of outdoor environments could generate different reactions from people in terms of encouraging a sense of relaxation and calm. The study included the seaside, the countryside, and urban parks; and despite differences in age, location, and company; the seaside provoked the most positive experience in all six age groups. Also, exercising beside the sea produced the greatest sense of pleasure.

Some of the reasons given to why the seaside has such a positive impact are; the way that the sunlight plays upon the water, the sounds of the sea or the association that the seaside has to happy childhood memories. But what ever it is, it’s definitely good for us.

So, following the other articles that I have produced on the benefits of sunlight, and of exercise to our overall sense of well-being, I can now add a coastal location to the magic formula. But even if you do not live close to the coast, the study still proves that getting out into natural surroundings is much more beneficial to you than staying inside. We are designed to be at one with nature, if you are a hippy or not, this cannot be denied. The weather and the elements all have their intricate part to play in our experiences, so embrace what’s around you and start to feel good again.

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