Living in the NOW


Living in the NOW is the only thing that can possibly be real. The only time that matters is the moment that you’re in right NOW. NOW counts.

Let’s think about it a bit more. We know that who we are is a build up of all of the things that have ever happened to us, all of the experiences that we’ve had, and the people that have ever influenced our seemingly insignificant lives. All of this has placed us in to the position that we are living in right NOW, but if we don’t concentrate on the moment of NOW then it will just happen to us, and we won’t even notice it. And isn’t life too short to miss out on NOW.

Any bad experiences or memories can affect how we live in the NOW, but if we concentrate on NOW then we can take control.

Consciousness is old wisdom. It has been taught and passed down through various belief systems, and the old eastern philosophies are based on this principle. By using meditation, a person can train the mind to block out the invasive thoughts that occupy a persons mind, and instead replace them with a clarity of consciousness in the very moment, that by definition is life.

Reality is not a memory, or a perception of a memory, that has happened in the past; and it’s not a vision or a prediction of a future event. Reality is NOW. It is the only truth that we can all rely upon. Many, if not all, issues a person has with their mind (stress, anxiety, phobias, control, confidence) all stem from a person forgetting about NOW and instead concentrating on something that has either happened already, or never happened at all.

By taking control of living in the NOW you can decide who you want to be, and how you want to be it. You can choose who you want to talk to, and about what. You can choose which path your life will take, and where it is aimed towards. In other words all of the power of the universe can be placed in to your hands right now. You could be in control of your own destiny.

Right NOW, life is going on around you, and you can choose whether you want to be involved in it, or not. It really is the nub of it all. The secret to life. The holy grail. The answer. It’s not easy and you will have to practice this all of the time. Believe it or not, concentrating on NOW, and blocking out thoughts and unwanted influences is hard. Some, no in fact most, give up or believe that there has to be something more complicated to it all, but think about it. Whatever happens to you NOW, I challenge you to not see that you have a choice on how to respond to it. Don’t get carried away with emotion, this clouds the NOW, and is often caused by a mixture of experience and unreal memory anyway. Instead act and think in the best way that you can, for what the moment deserves.

Live in the NOW, and make it happen for you.

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