Stay Young, Stay Free

The best way to achieve the life of your dreams is to not consider any other option. If you hold the goal in your mind and keep working towards it, then eventually it stands to reason that you will achieve it. The path you take will have some weird and wonderful turns along the way, but when you look back in hindsight from the perspective of your goal, then who cares how you arrived. All of the weird and wonderful experiences will make your achievement even more real and worthwhile when you get there. Staying young means to hold on to the innocence and excitement that life has to offer, don’t forget you’re meant to enjoy life, and if you’re heading towards your dream life anyway then you’d better start practicing the enjoying yourself part.

Staying young also means that you are allowed to make mistakes because after all, that is the only way that you learn. Don’t put such an incredible pressure on yourself to deliver, or to conform, or to make a success immediately, that you end up stifling what ever you have going. To stay young means to accept things and move on, to stay young means to be an idealist, to stay young means to try things out to see if they work, to stay young means to have unbridled confidence in yourself, to stay young means to get over failure almost immediately. It does not mean to be pessimistic, cynical, negative, scared of what could happen, or miserable. Think of it as a rope swing across a stream. Nearly all kids would jump straight on to it, and some might make it across and some might fall in, but they’d all be laughing. Grown ups tend to weigh up the consequences and assess that even though they consider it an 80% probability of making it, they definitely do not want to go home with wet clothes, so they won’t even attempt it.

I have always been a believer in keeping things simple, and I have always felt inferior to others that could complicate even the simplest of tasks. I used to think that they had a much better grasp of a subject, or that they sounded grown up, or even proper, where as I always sounded like some school kid describing an ant farm. But now I know that most of these people really were making things complicated because they had nowhere near the understanding of the subject that I did, and to cover this up they would use technical language, and volume of effort to belittle my token deliverable. The difference is that mine would be primed exactly to the specific audience where as theirs would be a fantastic text book of the subject that would be 20% relevant. It takes miles more talent to understand complicated things and communicate them simply.

Being free is similar to being young, but I definitely don’t mean for everyone to become bohemian travellers that live out of their backpacks. Freedom is a state of mind, it does not mean being homeless, it means being free in your thoughts. It is important to keep an open mind in all things – flexibility controls the system, remember. How can anyone be certain that any of their thoughts or opinions are perfect? They’re all based on past experiences, limited information, and an isolated view of the world. So, instead, allow someone else in to shine a different light on it all for you. Freedom can also mean stopping yourself putting undue pressure on by rushing into the trappings of a life just because that is what society conditions you to do. It is not right or wrong to burden yourself with debt but if you’re a person that finds that situation suffocating then it’s probably better if you don’t.

If you have your own business, or your own idea, then you are basically building something for the future. If you pile too much pressure on at the beginning then it will probably collapse. If it was a seed then you’re job would be too nurture it, and give it the space and time to grow, but if you came along with a load of water at the beginning then you’re going to drown it. Remember that everything needs space and time, so just sit back and enjoy it.

Two words; Young, Free. Young, Free. Got that; Young, Free.

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