Hypnotherapy for Weight Control

Hypnotherapy is proven to work as a contributing factor for sustained weight control, and it is the control over your weight that you desire. ‘Weight loss’ is great in the short term but for anyone that has ever jumped from one fad diet to the next, or gone crazy in the gym for a month will know, losing weight is possible by following a simple formula. Calories in… less than… calories out. But the same people will also know that maintaining such a self-sacrificing regime is almost impossible, and as the schedule slides the weight begins to increase again.

Celebrities that fill magazines with their new diet discoveries, or dvd collections for perfect abs, are generating the myth about short-term weight loss. A celebrity that is paid a large amount of money to be in the public eye and be obsessed with their public image, will have an extraordinarily high amount of motivation to maintaining it. If you ever hear these people speaking in interviews they often explain how they had to work especially hard for a certain role, or how they have an hour set aside every morning to exercise, and how they monitor what they eat constantly. This isn’t particularly normal behaviour that they’re describing, and for most people this is completely unachievable, and yet you still try to emulate these people, and when you fail and castigate yourself for falling off the wagon, you then return to your comforting strategies of old (too much food and drink, and not enough exercise). As long as you have perfect motivation then you can achieve this self-disciplined lifestyle, but when the motivation reduces, it is hard to carry on.

Serious people that have tried these different approaches in the past know that there is no shortcut to maintaining your perfect weight. In order to gain control of your weight, and therefore your life (if you allow your weight to affect your life), then you have to start thinking about changing behaviourally.

Every single person has a unique reason for their history of weight problems, and to tackle the root cause we must understand what these unique drivers are, and then make changes to the behavioural computer in your unconscious mind to install better behaviours for the future. Remember the simple formula, calories in… less than… calories out. There is no short cut to weight control, and you know this really, but you still wait in vain for the miracle ‘cure’ to be discovered.

You need to learn to enjoy eating a healthier, better, nutritional, well-balanced diet; and you need to enjoy a moderate exercise programme too. By installing better behaviours and strategies in your unconscious mind, you will find that you respond differently to; stress in the future, or triggers for eating badly, or negative emotional states. So that ultimately you become a different person; the person that you genuinely want to be rather than the person that you’ve become.

If you have a problem with your weight and you learn to control that problem, then the benefits of that will absorb into all areas of your life. You will feel healthier, more alert, improved confidence, a better feeling of empowerment, the knowledge that you have been able to change an area of your life so why can’t you do the same in another area. You will be a better friend and family member because of all of these reasons, and once you have the perfect balanced life you will be able to achieve so much more.

Hypnotherapy is the perfect catalyst for change because it enables you to change behaviours easily. Once these new behaviours are reinforced by making actual changes to your lifestyle, the results are achievable and sustainable.

Contact me at clear lantern and we can have a free consultation session, where I can understand your own unique situation and how I will be able to help you.

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