Change is Good


‘the definition of insanity; doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.’ – Albert Einstein

I love this quote because it states the obvious, and yet everyone that reads it probably sees a bit of themselves in it. We all keep plugging away at some point hoping that things will turn out differently.

If you want anything in your life to be different, to be better, then you have to change what your doing. You just can’t keep hoping for a happy ending.

A common situation is when a person places the responsibility for their happiness outside of themselves. They may depend upon another person to make them happy, or they may rely on a situation, or maybe a whole sequence of events to occur, before they can be content, but this means that the results become too inconsistent. I mean, you know how even with the best intentions you let yourself down sometimes, so another person will definitely disappoint.

To be truly in control of your own destiny, and therefore you would assume your happiness, then you must take full responsibility for your life. You can’t cop out and delegate this to someone else because you will never be satisfied. Take an area of your life that’s not going so well and think of all the excuses (sorry, I mean reasons) for why this is the case. How many of these are out of your control? Well, guess what? They are all in your control, how can you blame someone else for your own life?

To make your life better you must change what you do, you must change the way that you think, and you must take charge of it.

When I was younger I was in a band, and like most kids in bands, we had dreams of being rock stars. But as I think back to those days I could write a book on how many excuses we had for not making it. Record companies, radio stations, agents, venues, other bands, the Internet, managers, friends, money, time, girlfriends, mortgages, and that would just fill the first chapter. But the actual reason why we didn’t make it was because we did not make it happen for us, and that responsibility was with us. Lucky stories are very rare, where somone talented just happened to be spotted in a bus stop, busking to a dog and three traffic cones. The truth is that you get out what you put in, so it begs the question… How much do you want to change?

Any positive change in your life takes a level of commitment and investment by yourself, and depending on the size of the change will vary the amount you will have to put in. The good news is that however much research you ever want to read about this stuff, it will all say the same thing… If you can put it in then you can make anything happen. How empowering is this to know?

Once you can accept this, then there is literally no limits to your life. Change isn’t only a good thing, it is absolutely necessary in order to achieve anything that you want.

Another good thing to bear in mind, is that it’s brilliant to fail because you then know a change that definitely won’t work. That saves your time and helps you to get it right, quicker. So there is nothing to be scared of, make a change right away and start improving your life.

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