How Opportunity Got Me Lost

I have just found my way back from the desert of opportunity, and rediscovered the sanctuary of focussed goals.

Although I’ve written about the importance of setting goals and targets in achieving any type of meaningful change to your life, there will always be times when you get sidetracked. I have much more freedom now than I have ever had in the past, and although, at first, it seems like walking on to a beach, it soon becomes a desert where you can wander aimlessly. I have just had that realisation, so I need to take a step back and work out again what my goals are.


The point of goals are that they keep you on track. Now, this only works if you know what track you want to be on, and ultimately what station you want to arrive at. I had a number of goals that I achieved six months ago, and then instead of updating those goals – I drifted. The problem with drifting is that you soon have no idea where you are again.

I have been looking around for opportunities and seizing them as well as any opportunity grabber in history. Seriously, opportunity has knocked and I’ve ripped it’s hand off, several times. But I then found myself with a load of disparate projects on the go, and no real alignment to who I want to be, or even what I want to achieve. When you get to this stage; your motivation slips, your focus disappears and you achieve nothing.


If you have goals, and they are all aligned to your overall vision of where you want your life to be, then your eyes are opened to the relevant opportunities that come along. It’s maybe a mystical dark art, or an unwritten law of the universe, or even just a fluke; but if you’re focussed on specific goals then you will see opportunities that appear completely coincidental at the time. But the secret is that you need to be focussed. If your focus becomes more soft and peripheral then all sorts of opportunities will be presented to you and you will lose yourself.


In order to prevent this from happening, you must:

  1. Update your goals regularly to ensure that they are still aligned to your overall dreams
  2. Read your goals and dreams all of the time. Immerse yourself in them, at least once a day.
  3. Visualise the dream and how good it feels. If you’re having trouble with this step then this is a tell-tale sign of things becoming a bit skewed.
  4. And then work, work, work…

This is tried and tested. It’s as old as the hills, and it genuinely works. If you’re feeling a bit lost at the moment, then take a step back and ask yourself, 1) What you want? and 2) Are you going the right way about it?

How many of you know what I’m talking about?


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