Planning is the New Rock n’ Roll

Surely planning is the most un-Rock n’ Roll thing you can do? It’s the complete anti-thesis of spontaneity and crazy living. However, planning in the modern world is about as rock n’ roll as you can get.

Back in the 60’s and 70’s when rock n’ roll was out to shock, and it’s advocates were often found lying horizontally on Moroccan rugs imagining the end of the world, there didn’t seem like a lot of reasons why you would bother planning. Most of the greats died at 27, and the ones that didn’t were almost disappointed on their 28th birthday. It was all part of the live fast, die young ethos. But is that the same now?

Let’s have a look. Kurt Cobain died in 1994 (can you believe it was that far back?) and we then had to wait 17 years until the next high profile rock n’ roll death came with Amy Winehouse last year. Rock n’ Roll has changed; it’s gone all rehab, vegetarian, mineral water, eastern philosophies, but more importantly… it’s business.  

Modern Times

When the Arctic Monkeys had huge success with their debut album in 2006, they utilised the power of social media to achieve it. The buzz was going around the Internet for about a year and a half before the release, and in order to orchestrate this level of hype, it takes planning; it takes a strategy. Can you imagine Keith Moon working out the marketing strategy for The Who?

What about The Libertines, who in my opinion were one of the greatest, raw-sounding bands in recent years? In order to generate the underground hype they played secret gigs, that were called Guerrilla Gigs, all over the place before releasing anything, and this takes planning.


To achieve what you want in life, through this crowded, jumbled up, messed up, mad-woman’s breakfast; you have to plan. You have to know what it is that you want, and you then have to plan out how you’re going to get there. It needs to be realistic and it needs to be achievable. Planning enables you to have success in the areas that you want; it means that you can do it your way and be free to create whatever it is that you crave. And this is the true spirit of Rock n’ Roll, not the Moroccan rugs bit.

It takes effort to stick to a plan, and any successful person will tell you that it didn’t come easy, but it’s worth it. It takes no effort to lay on a rug and imagine the end of the world, and this reminds me of the old phrase, “You get out of this thing what you put in.” Think about it.



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