My name is Michael Holley. I was once a Global Finance Manager and worked for a large corporate pharmaceutical organisation for twelve years. Near the end of this period, and after the gradual disillusionment had set in, I became aware of coaching and behavioural changing techniques. I eventually left my solid, dependable, secure, soul-destroying finance career to be a fiction writer, and relocated to the wonderful Isle of Wight for a better way of life. As I have applied various techniques to my own life with success, I now want to help others to free themselves from the lives that they have fallen into. I set up Clear Lantern to do just that. I work with people that want to improve themselves, and change the way that they are, however significant or seemingly insignificant these changes appear. I am still continually fascinated by the latest discoveries about the potential of the human mind, and as this century moves on I am in no doubt that we will continue to understand ourselves more.

I have created this blog so that I can share interesting articles that I read, regarding the mind and the latest discoveries and opinions surrounding that subject; I will also share with you some of the helpful techniques that I have used in order to create my better reality; and finally you can also follow my progress as I practically apply myself to any new challenges that I encounter. My dream was to be a Writer and a Coach, and two years later I am a Writer and a Coach. This is my new life; I have escaped the conformity of the corporate world, and I am now free in this scary, yet exciting, world of opportunity. Subscribe to my posts using which ever method you prefer, so that you can join me as I experience this new world around me, and hopefully motivate and inspire others to follow suit.


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